Campaign Finance Information

We’re going to run a first rate campaign. I believe the quality of a campaign is the best indicator of what the quality of service will be in office. We have established this website, and we will have direct mail, newspaper ads, yard signs, voter contact, and more. If we have a large group of folks working together to finance and achieve a decisive victory, the merit of our proposals will be more influential to the other commissioners.

To do it right, takes both volunteers and financial support. To volunteer, just call 863-676-6122. If Jean and I are not home, just leave a voice mail so we can get back to you.

To contribute, see below. Generosity will have its rewards for some great community causes. Funds remaining after campaign expenses will go in equal amounts to the Care Center, Charter Schools, Soccer Club, and Arts Council.

Who Can Give

A “person,” defined as an individual, corporation, association, firm, partnership, joint venture, club, organization, trust, or other combinations of individuals having collective capacity.

Checks payable to

Gibson Campaign Account

Where to Send Checks

954 Campbell Avenue, Lake Wales, Florida 33853.

Maximum Amount

$1,000 (But all this campaign is interested in is a donor’s comfort level.)

Information on Check

Full name and address and, for contributions over $100, donor’s occupation.

For questions, please call the same number 863-676-6122 any time day or night.